BBB EPISODE 1 – Comic-Con Highlights & Trailer Reviews, “Justice League: Gods & Monsters” & “Ant’Man” movie reviews

In this three-part podcast, I, along with fellow movie reviewer Ricardo Medina, talk about the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, the “Batman v Superman” and “Suicide Squad” trailers, the newest Warner Animation film “Justice League: Gods & Monsters”, and the latest entry into the Marvel CInematic Universe – “Ant-Man”.

PART 1: Comic-Con highlights, Batman v. Superman & Suicide Squad trailer reviews:


PART 2: “Justice League: Gods & Monsters” review:


PART 3: “Ant-Man” review:


– Matthew

BBB EPISODE 0 – “Inside Out” & “Terminator Genisys”

For the first episode of A Legally Black Blog’s official podcast series Beers, Beats & Bailey (BBB for short), I, along with fellow movie-critiquers (not a real word, I know) Ricardo Medina and Michael Richards, talk about the new animated film from Disney/Pixar – “Inside Out” – and the latest entry in the “Terminator” franchise – “Terminator Genisys”. Enjoy, and feel free to like, share and leave a comment or two.


– Matthew